Review: A London Season by Joan Wolf

Review: A London Season by Joan Wolf

This book was originally published in 1981, and it shows. It is not a traditional romance, even for that time (yes, I am old and I read what was popular at the time), but I would say that the too-good-to-be-true resolution is typical of the the time period.

The book opens when the heroine, Lady Jane Fitzmaurice, is six years old. The first three quarters of the book reads more as women’s fiction than a romance. There is no romance, she is way too young for a romance, but the book describes Jane growing up as an orphan under the care of her uncle, her rabid love for horses, and her only friend, the stable boy. The stable boy, David Chance, is also an orphan, being raised by his aunt. David and his aunt are refugees from the French Revolution, and while David is not a member of the aristocracy, he and his parents were not peasants either.

The book is very short, and is an interesting read, but if you are looking for an engaging romance I would not recommend this book to you. The romance occurs in pretty much the last quarter of the book, the hero does have a sexual relationship with someone other than the heroine before the romance portion of the book starts, which I know is a definite “no” for some romance readers, and as I said before the resolution of the plot is old school romance unbelievable. The heat level of this book is pretty low. There is sex, but it is all closed door. I found it an interesting read because it is so different from most books in the genre, but it is not something that is going to make me search out other books by this author.

Grade: C

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